Saturday, June 5, 2010

Visiting the Bronx and Scenic Vistas on the Palisades

Today I got a call from a friend of mine who lives in Riverdale, a neighborhood in the Bronx (which is one of the five boroughs of New York City) inviting me to come hang out at her house for awhile. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take Kingsley on his first (of many) trips to NYC - a relaxed outing at a friend's house.

As we were setting out, Kingsley claimed a front row seat by the windshield, so he could keep his eyes peeled for interesting sights (please ignore the huge crack in the windshield, btw!)

As we were driving, Kingsley pointed out that I should take pictures of the roadsigns, for posterity, so he could later look back at maps and remember exactly where we'd gone! Here's a shot on Route 4 as we head towards NYC, and another shot of the sign telling us we've reached the George Washington Bridge:


For those of you following who are not from the NY/NJ area, the George Washington Bridge (usually referred to as the GWB) is the busiest motor vehicle bridge in the world - it carries 106 million vehicles per year! It was built in 1931, and connects Manhattan, NY to Fort Lee, NJ. It has fourteen lanes of traffic - 8 on the upper level and 6 on the lower level - the only suspension bridge in the world to have that many lanes! It was really hazy and humid today, so I couldn't get great pics of it. If you'd like to see a great birds eye view check out this wikipedia photo. Here are some shots of Kingsley checking it out as we cross the upper level.


And here we are officially crossing from the state of New Jersey into New York (sorry for the blurriness - taking pictures while driving is hard!):

Here we are at my friend's house in the Bronx.

After a nice long visit, we decided to head home for NJ. Here's another shot of Kingsley on the bridge that I thought turned out kind of cool:

As I was crossing the bridge I was wondering if there was anything else that I could take Kingsley to see before we went home, and I remembered that it is just as easy to get home to my house from the Palisades Parkway as it is from Route 4 (even though I never go that way). And on the Palisades Parkway they have several neat look-out points where you can see the Hudson River, Manhattan, and the Bronx. So I decided we would drive home that way to see the lookouts. Here are some of the pictures we took:

We were both too cheap to pay a quarter to use this viewer thing!

Looking across the Hudson River towards the Bronx.

The Henry Hudson Bridge which connects the borough of Manhattan to the borough of the Bronx.

The GWB from father afield...see how hazy it was??

Kingsley looks North towards upstate New York.

A train traveling North across the river.

It was a nice relaxing day, even though we went out. Tomorrow will probably be more low-key. Usually on Sunday I grocery shop, do some cooking for the week, and sometimes visit my parents. Be back soon with more Kingsley updates!! :)

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