Friday, June 4, 2010

Kingsley is here!!!

Kingsley has arrived safe and sound (though slowly!) from South Africa. Can't blame my lovely partner Katara, just the damn postal service. Anyway, I'm just glad he's here!

Check out all the cool stamps on the envelope!

As soon as I opened up the envelope, Kinglsey bounded out!

He's such a gorgeous horse! It must be his elfin blood that gives him such natural beauty! ;) After I had a chance to visit with Kingsley for a few, I checked out some of the other stuff that came with him, like this awesome passport!

And check it out, he's already got a second stamp in it for his arrival into the US!

Kinglsey soon inquired if there were any other animals in the house, and I apologized for forgetting my manners and quickly introduced him to Beatrix.

Then, because it was Friday, and we were all tired from working (or traveling) all week, we settled in to relax and watch some Angel (which I've been rewatching lately for the first time since it aired on TV).

Hopefully the weather will be nice tomorrow and we can get out into town and Kingsley can start to see some stuff!

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