Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Waiting for Kingsley to Arrive

Hello world! I am once again participating in the "Little Visitor" swap on my favorite craft-related forum, Last time, if you remember, Super Monkey came to visit me in New Jersey all the way from the United Kingdom! This time, I am super lucky to have Kingsley the Royal Elfin Horse coming to visit me all the way from Pretoria, South Africa.

Here's how this swap works (description courtesy of craftster).

"Is your dear stuffed animal feeling a little house-bound lately? Well it's time for him/her to get out and see the world, in the Little Visitor Swap! You will send your little friend off to your partner by April 7th with a little bio page, and a contract your partner will sign and mail back to you, ensuring your stuffy will be well loved and taken care of for the duration of his/her trip. Also send along a little questionnaire you can fill out and print (or write out, if you prefer) for your stuffy's bio, or you can make one up yourself, it's up to you! You and your little visitor will travel around town, visiting at least 8 different areas (so the little guy will get a feel of your town!). Remember, if it's cold outside where you live, your little visitor might appreciate a new hat or coat! You will take pictures and collect memorabilia, and use it to make a small scrapbook of your time together. Put plenty of captions, describing the trip to your partner, showing how much fun the two of you had together! Send your visitor home with a few souvenirs to remember the trip by, and a fun scrapbook that reflects your time together."

So I sent my little turtle, Walter, to South Africa for a visit. And in exchange, Kinglsey is coming to visit me for the summer. So I'll take him to see some tourist sites of course, show him around my town, and just hang out with him doing everyday stuff. I'll take photos of it all, make a scrapbook, buy some souvenirs, and at the end of the summer, send him back to Africa. In case other people want to keep track of his adventures too, I've created this blog! Now all that's left is for him to get here - I can't wait!!!