Saturday, August 7, 2010

Road Trip - North Carolina to New Jersey

A few weeks ago at the end of June, Kingsley and I flew down to visit my brother in North Carolina, and to go house hunting.  So much has happened since then!  I have made an offer to buy a house, which was accepted, and now I am moving at the end of August.  I also got a new job!  Anyway, I haven't had much time to post, which I feel bad about.  :(  Here are some pictures from the road trip Kingsley and I took on the way back to NJ from North Carolina (we drove instead of flew).

Starting out:

On Duke Street on the way out of town (which does connect down to famous Duke University!):

Entering Virginia

In front of Lake Gaston in Virginia

With a cool bridge in Virginia

This made me laugh

Crossing the WW bridge heading for DC

In the Harbor Tunnel entering Baltimore, MD

Crossing the Susquehanna River

A couple of pics from Philadelphia.  First the city skyline in the background (through a horribly cracked windshield, sorry), next with a plane landing at Philadelphia airport (while we cross a bridge), then in front of the famous Philadelphia Naval shipyard, then finally with the Philadelphia Eagles stadium (professional football).


  1. i love the tunnel photo~! :)

  2. thanks!!! that was a toughie to get right, it was so dark!! :)